Thursday, April 19, 2018

Niche Markets = BIG Sales Opportunities

As with so many blog posts, I wrote this one in my head while getting a facial. Really! I don't know what it is about laying there, or at a massage, or in the tanning bed, that makes me want to blog...maybe it's just that my brain doesn't shut off. In any case, you'd be surprised how many of the posts here originated in my head during one of these three activities.

So, we've talked before on Successfully Social about your target markets, and how important it is to identify and work within that particular market that fits you, your personality, and your product line. But what about niche markets? They aren't really your target market, per se, but they are specific groups of people for whom one or more of your products makes a perfect fit. I'm going to give you a few examples, and then talk a little about WHY you want to pick a niche that works for you.

  • Professional Organizers: This is a perfect market to target if you're with a company like Thirty-One or Clever Container. If you can build a relationship with one or more organizers, you could consistently be getting orders from these people as they work within their client's homes. Better yet, take the really strong ones and turn them into recruits - they get to get product whenever they need it at a discount and you get a consistent team member. Win-win!
  • Animal Practitioners (Veterinarians, Groomers, Trainers): This is a natural fit for those companies that carry oils - DoTerra, Young Living, etc.Some of these practitioners might already be using oils, and some might not be familiar with their uses. What a great opportunity for you to take your products in and educate on what oils work well for what ailments, which might be toxic to our pets, and how they can use these oils in their practice. 
  • Estheticians: Obviously this is a great place for companies carrying skin care lines to market. Arbonne, Acti-Labs, Rodan & Fields, etc. Get in good with some local estheticians and let them test out your products personally before they start carrying them in-house. Again, this could be another great opportunity to gain a new recruit if she loves the product line and plans to start using it on her clients. 
  • Baby/Children Photographers: What a great niche for those that have stuffed animals or children's books, such as Scentsy, Noah's Ark and Usborne. Your items make great props for use in the photos, and a sweet little take-away bonus for the mom and child to bring home with them after the shoot. Huge value add for these photographers who are in such a competitive industry!
  • Real Estate Agents: Another hugely competitive industry filled with people who NEED to find a way to stand out. Anyone who carries cute home items, such as Signature Homestyles, Thirty-One, Chalk Couture, etc. could find a great niche here in providing items that agents can gift to their new homeowners at closing. How much fun is that? And how much more memorable than just sending a note with a gift card to the local supermarket?!
  • Professional Chefs/Bakers: More and more little boutique style shops selling cupcakes, gluten free items, ready-made meals, etc. are popping up all over the country. Companies like Princess House, Pampered Chef, Tara at Home, etc. should absolutely be targeting these shops and offering items from their line that would make life easier for these store owners. While this particular one doesn't necessarily lend itself to a lot of repeat business like some of the others do, this is still a great niche for consultants with these companies to take a look at.
  • Personal Trainers: Like little bakeries, personal training gyms are popping up everywhere. Often a "one man show", these people live and breathe fitness, and would be a great fit for companies offering supplements, such as Le-Vel, ViSalus, Modere, etc. or companies offering fitness wear, like Peach and RaesWear. Like some of the others mentioned above, this would be a great opportunity to potentially gain a recruit, as if the trainers uses it, the clients will buy it!!

Okay, so let's just say you fit into one of these niches. How do you work it? Well, with that niche, find out where they are at...what groups are they in? What keywords are they searching? What local events are they attending? Start devising a marketing strategy where you are targeting them specifically - with JUST those products in your line that would be applicable to them. So say you're with Scentsy and you're going after photographers...your first step is to find ONE photographer. Someone you already know, or someone locally that you find through a mom's group, local Facebook group, etc. You're going to GIFT her with 2 or 3 Scentsy Buddies, in exchange for her taking a few pics for you and writing a testimonial. Then, create a postcard showcasing one of those photos and explaining how you offer adorable props that moms will love. Paint the picture for them. Include a link to a landing page/Facebook business page that is all about JUST this aspect of your business, and includes the photos, testimonials, etc. that you've gathered. You're going to need to put some time and effort into this, but when done well this can pay off in HUGE ways and solidify you into the niche market you are going for.

So, share in the comments, who has some other niche market ideas I didn't cover here? I know there are a ton more!!

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