Thursday, February 22, 2018

Get Successfully Social for March

Hey there direct sellers! With March right around the corner, it's time to formulate your Marketing Action Plan (MAP) if you haven't already. Awhile back in our blog post Top Ten Things to Implement in your Direct Sales Customer Group in 2018, we encouraged you to start some new things in your closed Customer Communities this year, and with that in mind I've created you a "cheat sheet" of a few things happening in March that you can use towards your theme parties and random holiday celebrations. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Theme Parties Ideas for Direct Sellers

So one of the things that Kelly and I recommend doing inside your closed Customer Community is doing a monthly theme party. Why? Because they are fun! Because they get attention! Because you never know what theme is going to strike a chord with your audience!

So, that said, we wanted to give you a few theme ideas that you can use in your own customer group. Comment below if you have some additional favorites you like to use.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Learners are Earners

Y'all have heard that saying before right? Ask any top CEO and they will tell you that you have to not be too afraid to continue to learn new things. In the spirit of that particular sentiment (because who doesn't want to think like a CEO), I am continually looking for ways to educate myself on new topics, enhance my knowledge of topics important to me, and basically just keep my brainpower growing. Whether it's purchasing online training, attending webinars, reading books, or going to conferences, all of those activities feed not only my brain but my soul.

This past weekend, I attended CinchShare's Cinch Summit in Orlando, FL. This was the second year in a row I have attended, and they did not disappoint. They put on a great conference, with the sole focus of the event being various aspects of social media. We talked about everything from Facebook parties, to online recruiting, to Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Now granted, I probably knew more than the average attendee about these topics, just given the nature of what I do, but nevertheless, I still learned a couple of cool tricks. For example, I've been using CinchShare for years and I wasn't aware they'd added in functionality to schedule to Instagram. Sweet. Totally doing that now. I love anything that lets me work smarter not harder!

Kelly and I have been guest trainers for CinchShare before, and we have another training event coming up with them next week on 2/8 at 9pm eastern. The whole thing will take place on their Facebook page - come check it out - we'll be talking Facebook Customer Communities, which y'all know is a subject near and dear to our hearts. While you're there, check out some of their past trainings, there is a whole slew of useful stuff!!